OPEN8 and Hakuhodo DY Media Partners, Inc.
Launch of “NEWS BRAIN,” a one-stop solution for automatic news video creation for newspapers, using AI technology to perform everything from article summarization to audio and video creation.


No.1 Sales Share (*1)AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN”
Latest 3,500++ BGMs & 800++ design formats released.
Largest number of background music and design formats in Japan


No.1 Sales Share(*1)AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN” announces major updates
New float placement options that allow flexible editing and arrange multiple assets for a more intuitive creative process + create folders to manage your media library


OPEN8 wins “Ruby biz Grand Prix 2020” Special Award
an IT business contest using the Ruby programming language


OPEN8 and Toppan Printing form a business alliance
– joint development of video creation services to expand the
value of print materials using Video BRAIN


In-house AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN”
Release of a new commercial ad “Tsuru no Ongaeshi”
on-air nationwide from November 16th


In-house AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN”
Release of Screen Recording & 200+ reinforced fonts including Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Hangul for a more creative & diverse informational video creation


In-house AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN”
AI recommends footage and assets from over 52 million items
including more than 5 million available for free


In-house AI Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN”
Official release of “Video BRAIN Analytics”
A one-stop service for video content planning, production, and effectiveness verification


Notice of Appointment of Full-Time Corporate Auditor


OPEN8 provide APIs for Automatic Video Generation and Text Summarization
-Collaboration with Retty, Japan’s largest real-name-word-of-mouth gourmet service’s Food Data Platform


Notice of Appointment of Vice President of Engineering