Make any communication possible
– through Video BRAIN’s video transformation.
200+ new stickers and icons for a more creative videolization.

Tokyo – April 12, 2021 – OPEN8 has added approximately 200 new stickers and icons to match a variety of video editing requirements to Video BRAIN, a cloud-based video editing service.
You can place stickers and icons anywhere you want in the video and rotate them freely for intuitive editing.

We have a wide variety of stickers from casual stickers that are easy to use on social media, animated stickers that work well with texts, or icons that can be easily combined with videos using document assets frequently used in various business scenes.
With these stickers and icons, you can now edit your videos creatively, making viewers easier to understand. More stickers and icons will be added in the future.



  • Expanding the range of expression and enabling more impactful video editing

Inserting stickers for more suitable creative content for social media posts.

A wide variety of stickers are available, including casual stickers for online communication such as SNS, stickers based on seasonal events, and stickers that can be easily combined with messages such as arrows and speech bubbles. These stickers can be used as a point of reference to make your videos more creative.


Icons that are easy to combine with various business scenes.

We have prepared a wide range of icons that can be easily used in various business situations such as sales materials, in-house training, and business manuals.

You can easily edit the icons by changing their colors and adjusting the thickness of the border, just like using PowerPoint. Also, by combining icons with interviews or videos with a lot of text information, you can expect to create simple and easy-to-understand videos.


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Video BRAIN is a service that can create “Easy for anyone to use video”. This in-house AI automated video editing cloud service makes it easy for anyone to edit high-quality, narrative videos in minutes with AI support. The user interface is designed for inexperienced users, making it easier to create videos as if using PowerPoint. Many companies have adopted it regardless of the industry. Also, by using Video BRAIN together with the SNS posting and analysis service “Insight BRAIN”, we can provide one-stop service from planning to production and analysis of video contents.

For further more information, please visit us https://video-b.com/


Open8 is the Content Technology company that develops our own AI technology centered on natural language processing and computer vision and possesses “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY” which consists of algorithm and software modules. Based on our original concept: “AI x SaaS to become a growth driver of every companies’ information distribution strategy”, we support delivering information by companies in any industry through the provision of APIs such as the automatic video generation function,  “Video BRAIN,” video editing cloud service, by combining our expertise in video content production and distribution know-how cultivated in the video advertising business and video media business, and the SNS posting and analysis service “Insight BRAIN”. We are proud to announce that we’re the 2019 Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner, an award given by Red Herring to innovative private technology ventures in Asia.

(1) SaaS Business

Providing “Video BRAIN”, a video editing cloud service to businesses contributes to the video transformation. Once you drag and drop media such as photos and text, the AI engine analyzes the data and creates a video with a storyline. Anyone can easily create rich video content within a few minutes. Many companies, including major corporations, have adopted this service for a wide range of purposes, regardless of business or the type of work, including PR, manuals, and recruiting content. Also, by using Video BRAIN together with the SNS posting and analysis service “Insight BRAIN”, we can provide one-stop service from planning to production and analysis of video contents.

– No.1 Automatic Video Generation Sales Share (*1)
– No.1 AI video editing tool for marketers (*2)
– No.1 AI video editing tool for enterprises (*2)
– Good Design Award 2019
– Ruby Biz Grand Prix 2020 Special Prize

(*1) source: Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd. 「Video generation and distribution software Market Report 2020Market share in Video generation software2020)Japanese only https://mic-r.co.jp/mr/01930/
(*2) source: Japan Marketing Research (FY2019/Nov)

(2) API/MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) Business

Providing “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY” which consists of algorithm and software modules as an API. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with multiple technologies and it’s also able to be used by corporate needs.
Also, building our own unique model based on the private data from the businesses and develop it to original solutions in combination with “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY”.

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