OPEN8 Appoints Yosuke Furukawa, President of Japan Node.js Association, as Technical Advisor

Tokyo – April 28, 2021 – OPEN8 Inc. is pleased to announce that Yosuke Furukawa, President of Japan Node.js Association, has been appointed as a technical advisor.

[From left Hisatake Ishibashi, Executive Officer; and Yosuke Furukawa, new Technical Advisor]


Appointing a Technical Advisor

Based on the concept of “becoming a growth driver of information distribution strategies for all companies with AI × SaaS,” Open8 has developed the video editing cloud “Video BRAIN” and the social media posting and analysis service “Insight BRAIN” by combining the video content production and distribution knowledge cultivated in the video advertising and video media businesses with AI technology. We also provide APIs for automatic video generation and other functions to support the dissemination of information by companies.

Mr. Furukawa is a senior front-end engineer at Recruit Co., Ltd. and serves as a technical advisor to many companies. He is also the President of the Japan Node.js Association, an organization dedicated to promoting Node.js in Japan and the surrounding Asian region, and is considered a leading figure in the Node.js community in Japan.

With Mr. Furukawa’s technical expertise, we will promote further business development to improve the quality of OPEN8’s products, including the video editing cloud “Video BRAIN,” training and strengthening engineer’s performance and improving our front-end technology’s PR and branding.


Comment from Mr. Furukawa
OPEN8 provides a web-based service that makes video creation easy with high-level technical skills and a unique stack which attracted my interest. I will do my best to help the company grow by utilizing the technical knowledge I have.

Profile of Mr. Furukawa

Mr. Furukawa is the president of the Japan Node.js Association, organizer of JSConf JP, the largest JavaScript conference in Japan, and manages the JavaScript community in Japan. He is a member of the Chrome Advisory Board, Node.js Core Collaborator, and is active in a wide range of activities from the browser to OSS development.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/yosuke_furukawa
Hatena blog: https://yosuke-furukawa.hatenablog.com/


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