OPEN8 and Toppan Printing form a business alliance
– joint development of video creation services to expand the
value of print materials using Video BRAIN

Tokyo – November 27, 2020 – OPEN8 Inc. and Toppan Printing CO., LTD. (Toppan) has entered into a business partnership for the development of a new video creation service using the in-house AI video editing cloud “Video BRAIN” provided by OPEN8, in response to the growing need for companies to utilize video content in a variety of business situations.

As the first step in this initiative, Toppan will begin offering a service called movring, a video communication service utilizing the in-house AI video editing cloud service Video BRAIN, to Toppan’s customers from December 2020. By combining Toppan’s planning and production knowledge and materials for printed materials with OPEN8’s video technology, movring creates new added value for conventional printing assets. The service will support business’s information dissemination by providing high quality, simple video content creation with speed.


Background of this partnership

With the expansion of COVID-19, the contact point between business and consumers is shifting online more than ever before. With this shift, a lot of information that used to be distributed in print form, such as flyers and catalogs, is now being delivered to consumers in a form that fits online communication, such as SNS and apps. In addition, with the increasingly high-speed communication environment and the multi-functionality of devices, video is attracting attention for its ability to convey more information effectively, and the need for companies to use video is expanding.

OPEN8 and Toppan have combined Toppan’s expertise in planning and production of print media with Video BRAIN, a video editing cloud that enables easy creation of video content with AI support to create and distribute high-quality video content in a short period of time. The two companies have jointly developed movring and will begin offering it to Toppan’s customers. In addition, the two companies have entered into a business alliance with the aim of developing a new service that utilizes Toppan’s material database and automatic video generation technology.


Details of the Partnerships

1) Offer the new service movring using Video BRAIN

From December 2020, Toppan Printing will offer movring, a one-stop video communication service for Toppan’s clients, which uses Video BRAIN to speedily create video content for printed materials, and provides a one-stop service for on-demand media, SNS, and signage development.

By combining movring with services provided by Toppan, such as the “Omakase Announcement®” service(*1), which creates fluent narration in Japanese and other languages from text data in a short period of time and at low cost, and the high-quality 4K video content library “Meet Japan!®” to create video content according to the purpose.

In addition, promoting the provision of Video BRAIN through Toppan will support the use of video in both business’s in-house production opportunities and Toppan’s production of video.

*1:  “Omakase Announcement®” uses AITalk® Koe no Shokunin®, a text-to-speech software provided by AI Corporation, for the Japanese synthesis technology.

2) Linkage with the database operated by Toppan

In addition to speeding up the production process by linking Video BRAIN with a database operated by Toppan, the company plans to provide a service that can automatically generate large amounts of video content by linking the database with the Automatic Video Generation API provided by OPEN8.


Seminar Information

President and CEO of OPEN8, Yuko Takamatsu will speak at the Digital Transformation Seminar hosted by Toppan about the evolution of communication through video content and the future prospects of the business partnership.

“Video Communication by Printers in the 5G Era”- A New Video Service to Boost the Value of Print Media
Date & Time:                                 4th December, 2020 14:00 ~ 15:30
Place:                                            Online (pre-register)
Details for registration:              https://www.toppan.co.jp/solution/inquiry/5gmovie2020.html

Click here for Japanese version


Video BRAIN is a service that can create “unlimited video anytime, anywhere at ease”. This in-house AI automated video editing cloud service makes it easy for anyone to edit high-quality, narrative videos in minutes with the support of AI. The user interface is designed for inexperienced users, making it easier to create videos as if using PowerPoint. Many companies have adopted it regardless of the industry and have been highly evaluated for its ability to produce video in-house, which had previously been outsourced, and for its cost and time savings.

For further more information, please visit us https://video-b.com/


OPEN8 Inc. is a content technology company that develops our own AI technology centered on natural language processing and computer vision and possesses “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY” which consists of algorithm and software modules.

We support companies from various industries to deliver visualized information through the provision of APIs such as the automatic video generation function and “Video BRAIN”, an in-house AI automated video editing cloud service. We also combine our expertise in video content production and distribution knowledge cultivated in the video advertising and video media businesses. In 2019 we were awarded as one of the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Winner, an award given by Red Herring to innovative private technology ventures in Asia.

Based on our business concept of “becoming a growth driver of every company’s information distribution strategy with AI and SaaS,” the company offers the following three businesses

(1) SaaS Business
We provide “Video BRAIN”, an in-house AI automated video editing cloud service to businesses. Once you submit materials such as photos and text, the AI engine analyzes the data and creates a video with a storyline. Anyone can easily create rich video content within a few minutes. Many companies from small businesses to enterprises have adopted this service, regardless of business or objectives including PR, instruction manual, or recruiting contents.

(2) API Business
We provide the “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY” which consists of algorithm and software modules as an API. It can be used as a stand-alone solution or in combination with multiple technologies and can be used by corporate needs.

(3) MLaaS (Machine Learning as a Service) Business
We build our own unique model based on the company’s private data and develop original solutions in combination with our “OPEN8 CORE TECHNOLOGY”.

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