All Hearts Company deploys Business Video Editing Cloud "Video BRAIN"

Tokyo – November 9, 2021 – OPEN8 Inc. has started to provide their business video editing cloud “Video BRAIN” to All Hearts Company, Inc. (Headquarters: Naka-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, President and CEO: Yomoda Yutaka, hereinafter referred to as “All Hearts Company”).


All Hearts Company, which operates bakery and patisserie brands such as “Heart Bread Antique,” “Neko Neko Shokupan,” and “Pastel” under direct management and through franchises nationwide, has distributed a manufacturing process manual to its store staff to deliver delicious bread and sweets of the same quality to all customers.

Until now, manuals were distributed by paper, but it was difficult to convey technical processes such as the degree of fermentation and baking of bread with only text and pictures. Since not many members of the team were familiar with professional video editing software, Video BRAIN was introduced, which can be operated like PowerPoint and anyone can easily create video manuals.



▼Example of a manufacturing process manual for store staff

Click here for watching the video. (Public URL issued by Video BRAIN)



▼Comment from Mr. Kento Sasaki, General Manager, Business Support Department

Since Video BRAIN can be used without any specialized knowledge of video editing, all members of the department can be involved in creating videos and the number of videos created can be expected to increase significantly which was a decisive factor in the decision to implement the system. We are now expanding our video manual with the goal of producing three videos per member, per month.

In addition, our dedicated customer success team has provided us with hints on how to compose and direct our videos, as well as suggestions on how to use Video BRAIN in other departments. The use of Video BRAIN has expanded to include the design department, which creates product introduction content to be posted on SNS, and the human resources department, which handles recruitment publicity for new graduates. We have been able to create high-quality videos while keeping production man-hours low, and we have also been able to reduce costs by producing video creations for digital signage in-house, which used to be outsourced to a partner organization.

I believe that Video BRAIN will become an established business tool in various departments as we utilize video in various communications with customers, business partners, fresh grads recruiting, and internal members.



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