Business Video Editing Cloud "Video BRAIN”
Supports downloading files in a variety of formats, including PowerPoint and PDF for all business scenes

Tokyo – September 3, 2021 – OPEN8 Inc. announced that the business video editing cloud “Video BRAIN” can now be downloaded in a variety of file formats, including PowerPoint and PDF, which are used by businesspeople on a daily basis. For video files, in addition to MP4, it also supports Apple’s standard MOV file format.

We have also added a function to crop still images and videos in circular and triangular shapes. This can be used in a variety of situations, such as inserting a round wipe of the speaker in a seminar video.


●PNG format (still image)

You can download one frame of a video as a still image. While previewing the video, stop at the point you want to cut out as a still image, and click the camera symbol to easily download the still image. With Video BRAIN, you can easily create thumbnail images for owned media and YouTube, which used to be created with graphic design software such as illustrator.


●PowerPoint format

You can download a file that has videos created with Video BRAIN inserted into PowerPoint slides. Each scene of the video can be pasted onto a PowerPoint slide, so a video consisting of a total of 10 scenes will be equivalent to 10 slides.

If you download multiple business manual videos in PowerPoint format and combine them into one file using PowerPoint functions such as cover page, middle door, section dividers, etc., you can easily create a complete collection of business manuals.


●PDF format

PDF files can be downloaded as still images pasted on the page for each video scene and can be deployed to customers and other external partners without worrying about garbled characters or broken layouts on different operating systems, software versions, or devices.


●GIF format

This is a file format that can be utilized in the creative production of Internet advertising that supports GIF animation. When posting videos on owned media, GIFs can be played automatically without the need to click, so you can expect improved convenience such as stress-free viewing of content.


Click here for the PDF
Click here for the Japanese version