To deliver
“Experienceable rich content”
to the world


Various AI models and
Video generation core module

and video generation core modules.

Video Image Analysis

Video Image Analysis

We develop various AI models for automatic video generation and editing tasks such as detecting objects in videos and images, summarizing long videos, and removing backgrounds.
Our technology results to reducing man-hours and to propose better creative solutions for video editing.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

We develop AI models to generate short text, text summarization, and manuscript segmentation. This allows us to extract and generate captions, automatically generate video clips, and propose better video creation plans.

Unique Rendering Engine

Unique Rendering Engine

We develop our own rendering engine. It enables instant preview of videos in the browser, a wide variety of expressions becomes possible, and contributes to a more improved user experience where anyone can easily create videos.

Rapid core technology development leverages our business

Develop cutting-edge core technologies as our OPEN8 Core Technology and smoothly implement them to our product with speed.

Patents granted to date

Number of updates
per year by request

Adoption of papers to international conferences.
Adoption to WACV 2022.
「Recursive Contour Saliency Blending Network for Accurate Salient Object Detection」

Development Structure and Flow

To support rapid development, a project is formed every six months.
Each project consists of around 10 members, and each function is released within one week to three months after planning, in response to the product issues to be solved within the project.
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