OPEN8 is looking for people
who will create a leading company for videos.


Let's invest in the future that only we can achieve!
OPEN8 is a technology company with the keyword [AI x video] that has rapidly grown to 100 employees in 5 years since its establishment. As a venture company with its own services, tools, and technology, OPEN8 is developing SaaS and API/MLaaS businesses centered on Video BRAIN, which allows anyone to easily create videos, and Insight BRAIN, which enables content analysis. In light of the market changes, such as the shift to the new economy we have raised a total of approximately 7 billion yen from investors, mainly venture capitalists, in anticipation of significant future growth.
We are looking for people who will work with us to create a leading company in the video domain.
Move and keep on moving.
In this intense world, you have to move with speed.
Repeating specific actions creates new values.
Break the Border
Don’t play small.
Expand your value by breaking borders.
Be aggressive on challenging out of your comfort zone.
Play for
Grow the team together.
Create new services. Respect others.
Great teams are created with passion and love.