Business Video Editing Cloud "Video BRAIN”
with More Improved Functions for Video Distribution

Tokyo, July 4, 2022 – Video BRAIN, the No.1 business video editing cloud service for two consecutive years (*), has added functions for distributing edited videos to owned media, such as chapter settings and placing links within videos. This makes it easier to view long videos and smoothly direct viewers to other sites.

※ Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd. 「Video generation and distribution software Market Report 2020」Market share in Video generation software (2020) Japanese only

Also, videos distributed using Video BRAIN’s distribution function (HTML tags) can be analyzed by Insight BRAIN, an analysis service provided by Video BRAIN, to determine the number of viewers, frequency, playback rate, etc., This new functionality has made it easier to view videos and smoothly guide actions from video viewing, which further streamlines the cycle of video editing, distribution, and analysis.


New Features in Video Distribution

● Setting chapters
This function allows you to set the table of contents according to the video content and jump to the desired video playback time. When a video player starts, chapters are displayed, and you can jump to the chapter you want to watch. This function is useful for separating sections of a long video such as a seminar.

● Setting URLs in a video
Text links can now be placed in videos and font, color, and settings can be changed. Banners can also be displayed after the video, allowing for a smooth transition. For example, a video viewed on a corporate website can jump to a product site or the recruiting page through links or banners in the video.

● Setting Thumbnail image
You can manually set thumbnail images from images stored in the Video BRAIN media library or by uploading your image. If not specified, the first second of the video is automatically set as the thumbnail image.

● Adjustable playback speed
The video playback speed can be adjusted in 8 stages with a range from 2x to 1/4x. Viewers can select the playback speed from the menu in the video player and view the video at the desired speed. For example, you can slow the speed of a specific scene in manual videos explaining important procedures.

● Setting video release timing
This function allows you to reserve the schedule for which you would like to distribute a video. For example, you can set in advance the timing of when you want to release the video for campaigns or press releases.



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