OPEN8 releases “Insight BRAIN” a distribution analysis tool for companies that visualizes social media results

Tokyo – March 15, 2022 – OPEN8 Inc. has released Insight BRAIN, a social media distribution analysis tool provided as part of its video editing cloud Video BRAIN, is used by over 500 companies in total, as a standalone tool.

Insight BRAIN is a tool that allows you to centrally manage post analysis for multiple accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. In addition to managing post volume by day of the week, time of day, and correlation graphs of engagement rates on a single dashboard, it can also display a list of posts that have high affinity with users and analyze them by creative unit, which is useful for improving social media operations. Additionally, it is also possible to perform comparative analysis with other companies’ accounts.

Video BRAIN users will continue to use this service free of charge and will continue to be able to use the same functions as before, such as analysis of the viewer logs of videos created with Video BRAIN.


Insight BRAIN [Official] Distribution analysis tool for companies to visualize social media results

14-day free trial, now with no initial fee!


Insight BRAIN Key Features

●Centralize management of multiple accounts

Insight BRAIN allows you to centrally manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard, freeing you from the tedious task of checking the management screens of each social networking platform. Insight BRAIN allows you to manage multiple accounts from a single dashboard.

●Analysis of Posting Frequency
The correlation between the volume of posts and engagement rates at different times of the day and day of the week can be graphed and easily viewed in the dashboard.

●Best Submission Analysis
Specifying a time period will list posts that have a high affinity with the user and can be used to help the overall review of the campaign.

●Creative analysis and operational improvement
You can immediately grasp the performance of each creative and make creative improvements in real-time.

●Competitive analysis
Since it is possible to compare and analyze the posts on the social media accounts operated by the company with the competition and highly rated creative of interest, it is possible to obtain suggestions for creative and other operations.



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