OPEN8 Announces Appointment of New Executive Officer to Strengthen Management Structure

Tokyo – April 1, 2022 -OPEN8 Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of two new executive officers, effective April 1, 2022.

Mr. Kondo, the new executive officer, will be responsible for concretizing more multi-layered and practical initiatives, such as supporting company-wide communication DX centered on video and creating open innovation with business companies, through accompanying clients in the enterprise consulting domain.

Mr. Minowa will oversee all sales organizations in the sales domain, including inside sales, field sales, and outbound sales, and will promote the provision of OPEN8’s solutions, including the “Video BRAIN” business video editing cloud, to an increasing number of customers.

Under the new management structure, OPEN8 will strive to become a “content technology company that enriches the world” and provide new value.


●Profile of Newly Appointed Executive Officers

Hiroshi Kondo
Executive Officer 

After graduating from Ibaraki University in 2001, he joined SEPTENI Co. In January 2012, he established Eagle Eye, a Trading Desk company, as a subsidiary of SEPTENI and became its President and Representative Director. In July 2015, he participated in establishing the Japanese subsidiary of xAd, a US-based location-based technology, where he proposed and implemented location marketing. He joined OPEN8 in October 2020.


Kenta Minowa
Executive Officer

After graduating from Chiba University’s Faculty of Education in 2008, he worked in sales for a manufacturer before joining Recruit in 2013. He was engaged in providing marketing solutions to condominium developers nationwide. He established multi-layered partnerships as a consultant for joint development projects of new condominiums and process improvement in the marketing area, etc and was awarded MVM, the Number 1 Manager in the nation in FY2020. He joined OPEN8 in March 2022.



New Management Structure

President & CEO Yuko Takamatsu
Board of Director Taku Maruyama
Board of Director & CFO Hirotaka Sawada
Executive Officer & CTO Hisatake Ishibashi
Executive Officer & CPO Yuichi Kashima
Executive Officer & Director of President’s Office Yoriko Suzuki
Executive Officer & Director of Customer Success Yu Harasawa
Executive Officer & Director of Enterprise Consulting Hiroshi Kondo
Executive Officer & Director of Sales Kenta Minowa

There are no changes in the Outside Directors.


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