Business Video Editing Cloud "Video BRAIN First in Japan(※1) to release a function that allows users to import and re-edit PowerPoint presentations

Video BRAIN” (Video BRAIN), the No. 1 (*2) top share business video editing cloud service 2 years in a row(*2),

will offer a feature that allows users to import PowerPoint presentations and re-edit objects on Video BRAIN. (Scheduled for the end of April 2022)

※1 As a function that allows objects to be re-edited after importing a PowerPoint presentation in the video editing cloud service (own research)

※2 Source: Deloitte Tohmatsu MIC Research Institute Co., Ltd. 「Video generation and distribution software Market Report 2020」Market share in Video generation software (2020) Japanese only


The various objects that make up a PowerPoint presentation, such as text boxes, charts, or inserted still images imported in the same layout, can be edited using Video BRAIN’s features, and add animations and narrations.

The finished video can be downloaded in video file formats such as MP4 and MOV, as well as in PowerPoint format, allowing presentations in file formats that you are accustomed to handling.

By supporting the import of PowerPoint, one of the office software programs that businesspeople use on a daily basis, anyone can now easily re-edit their business documents in Video BRAIN and create them into a video content.

Business Video Editing Cloud “Video BRAIN” [Official]


How it can help:

Increase impact in presentations with video for sales negotiation

Business meeting documents can be easily converted into video using the PowerPoint approach function. By adding dynamic animations and narrations that are only possible with video, you can create high-impact documents for online meetings, or by sending a URL for viewing, there is no need to attach the file to an e-mail. The video can be easily circulated within the client, and the content of the proposal can be directly communicated to the other party’s decision makers.


Easy creation of archived materials for seminars and trainings

Seminars and in-house training programs are increasingly conducted online in the wake of the Corona Disaster. Archived videos can be easily created by importing explanatory materials created in PowerPoint into Video BRAIN, editing the objects, and combining them with the video of the lecturer’s talk.


Operation manuals are also easy to understand with video.

By importing manuals created in PowerPoint into Video BRAIN, you can add animations to emphasize the desired sections and narration to explain procedures, making the manual easy for anyone to understand. The completed manual videos can then be viewed by employees at any time by simply pasting HTML tags into the company website, and the number of video views and completion rates can be analyzed using Insight BRAIN, Video BRAIN’s built-in delivery, and analysis tool.


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