Open8 Releases "V-matic Powered by Video BRAIN," an Automatic Video Generation API Fully automatic video generation from ¥100++ per video to meet mass production needs

Tokyo – April 12, 2022 – OPEN8 Inc. has released “V-matic Powered by Video BRAIN,” a service that can generate videos completely automatically, without requiring any human editing.

V-matic is a service that automatically generates videos on the server by combining text data, sound files, and other materials such as still images and videos that make up a video, by applying the video editing function of Video BRAIN, a business video editing cloud that has been installed by approximately 600 companies. The generated videos can be retrieved via API and used for owned media. The service also supports video delivery tags. By placing tags in the CMS (Content Management System) of an e-commerce site, a video player can be implemented on the site and the video can be delivered to the user’s website.

V-matic can generate thousands and thousands of videos in a very short period of time, meeting the mass production needs of e-commerce sites that handle large volumes of products, information services, etc.

As a start, ZIGExN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Takeshi Hirao; TSE Prime: 3679; hereinafter referred to as ” ZIGExN”) has introduced the service on its rental housing information service

” Smocca” (hereinafter referred to as “Smocca”) and has begun to automatically convert rental property information searched by area and particular criteria into video content for the site.


■ Overview of the Smocca Initiative

Smocca is one of the largest rental information services in Japan, allowing you to search for the property you want from among 5 million listings by combining basic criteria such as area and floor plan with multiple popular special criteria such as “soundproofing” and “pets allowed” in addition to other basic criteria.

In this initiative, multiple property information that matches user needs is displayed as a 30-second summary video, so that users can easily grasp and compare property characteristics simply by viewing the video. Detailed information on properties of interest is listed immediately below the summary video, so they can be viewed with a single tap. This is expected to improve usability and, as a side effect, SEO effectiveness of the entire site.


■ Background of Initiatives

Smocca updates information on as many as 5 million properties from Hokkaido to Okinawa every day, and visitors are concentrated on listing pages that combine areas and specific criteria. The number of areas and special criteria are multiplied by tens of thousands, and it was difficult to create customized videos for each page, both in terms of cost and man-hours.

With the introduction of “V-matic Powered by Video BRAIN,” an automatic video generation service provided by OPEN8, it will allow to create video content on the server by combining property names and photo materials that match the criteria, eliminating the need for an artificial video creation process and thus making it possible to provide video content to users with a high update frequency.


■ Image of implementation in Smocca


● About JIGEXN Co, Ltd.

Company name: ZIGExN Co. Ltd.

Stock code: 3679 (TSE Prime)

Head Office: 3-4-8 Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Date of Establishment: June 1, 2006

Representative: Takeshi Hirao, Representative Director, President and CEO

Capital: 2,552 million yen (consolidated)

Business description: Life service platform business

Major Group Companies: REJOB Co., Ltd., MIRAxS Co., Ltd., Sanko Ad Co., Ltd., BizMo Co., Ltd., Brainlab Inc., Apple World Co., Ltd., TCV Corporation, ZIGExN VeNtura Co.,Ltd.



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