OPEN8 offers video editing cloud "Video BRAIN" to elementary and junior high schools nationwide for free.

Tokyo – May 25, 2022 –Under the government’s GIGA Schools Initiative, which supports high-speed and large-capacity IT network connections to each school and provides PCs/Tablets to all elementary and secondary school pupils by 2023, OPEN8 will begin offering a subscription plan for Elementary and Junior High Schools at no cost. It is compatible with the student’s terminals and implements video templates for students and pupils to take advantage of the characteristics and strengths of ICT utilization in education and learning and play an important role in achieving the objectives of the new Courses of Study.

We will support the acquisition of independent, interactive, and deep learning by presenting video content of collaboration with classmates, children in other grades and schools, and people in the community.


● Features for elementary and junior high schools’ Free Plan

Support for students’ PC/tablets

Supports Windows PCs and Chromebooks, which are among the standard specifications for students terminals recommended by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) in the GIGA School Initiative.

Video templates for children and students

Video BRAIN for corporate users includes templates that can be used in a variety of business situations, such as product introductions, sales materials, and recruitment, while the free plan for elementary and junior high schools includes templates that can be used in the classroom, such as self-introductions and community PR. A video manual explaining the operation of the tool along with templates for children and students is also included, creating an environment in which teachers and staff can learn how to use the tool without any trouble.


Example of template for elementary and junior high schools

Self-introduction templates

You can create a self-introduction video by entering your name, a picture of yourself, and your hobbies.
It is a cute template with icons with movement installed so that even early elementary school students can enjoy creating videos. If you input your name and hobbies in hiragana, you can complete a video in about 30 minutes.


Club Activities Template

This template can be used to introduce the club activities (or extra-curriculum activities) to which you belong.
You can insert member introductions, scenes of daily activities, competitions in which the club has participated, and awards it has won, and use it as an introduction to the club for new students and as a report on its activities over the past year.


Templates to promote your local communities

This is a template that can be used to promote the region in which you live.
Silhouette images of all prefectures are stored in the library, and you can select a silhouette of the prefecture you live in and insert it into the video or use the template to introduce special products and famous sightseeing spots.


Templates to introduce SDG activities

This is a video template that allows you to compile a report on familiar initiatives that children and students can take to help realize a sustainable society by simply inserting photos, videos, and subtitles.


Team function for collaborative video editing by classes, groups, and clubs/teams

A team function is provided so that multiple people can work together to edit a single video. Teachers and staff members can join each team, allowing them to review the video as it is being created, provide advice as needed, and manage the progress of the creation process. Teachers and staff with administrative privileges can change the users belonging to a team at any time, and it is easy to add a new user when a student moves to a new class or moves to a new school.


●How to apply:

Eligible educational institutions: Elementary and junior high schools are among the schools specified in Article 1 of the School Education Law.
Applicants: Teachers and staff members belonging to elementary or junior high schools

Please contact us through the e-mail address below with the required information and the e-mail address issued by the educational institution.

– Name of school to which you belong
– Location of your school
– Title and Name


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