To become a tech-company that enriches the world through lifestyle innovation.


Constantly strive to create experiences that make people move and provide easy access to information.


Constantly strive to create experiences that make people move!

Our company name "Open 8" represents our vision and commitment to always be innovative "going from zero (0) to infinity (∞) ", to embrace new challenges and to create infinite new possibilities.

There are still huge business opportunities available across the Internet, but we find a lot of the focus is within already mature sectors and business models. This is not conducive to true entrepreneurism and innovative market creation. Our video ads business for smart devices, is new and an example of market creation. It’s our ambition to be no.1 in this new business sector and of course, continuously challenge in other new possibilities.

Wherever our search for innovation takes us, our users always come first. We are constantly asking ourselves, how do our users think and feel about the services we offer.

We are committed to continuously provide easy access to information and provide users experiences that 'moves' them.


Open8 Inc.
Yuko Takamatsu, CEO


Yuko Takamatsu
President & CEO

Yuko Takamatsu

Joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 1996 and handled key campaigns for major automobile clients. Since 2005, he served as COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) at iStyle Inc, which operates @cosme, one of the largest cosmetic word-of-mouth media in Japan. As CEO of Cosmo.Com, Cosme Next and Istyle Global (Singapore), he oversaw cosmetics related businesses in Japan and overseas and listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2012. Established OPEN8 in April 2015.

Taku Maruyama

Taku Maruyama

Joined iStyle Inc. in 2006. As the youngest Sales Account Director, he was engaged in overall marketing activities including media advertising planning and sales, advertising service development, e-commerce site construction, web marketing using operational advertising such as SNS and DSP and new business development. Participated as a founding member of OPEN8 in April 2015. He developed the Business Management, New Business and Sales team from scratch, currently positioned as Director and CAO.

Hirotaka Sawada
Director & CFO

Hirotaka Sawada

Hirotaka started his career in Daiwa Securities SMBC in 2008. Since then, he has been in the investment banking business such as M&A, alliances, IPO for more than 10 years, including Frontier Management, Mercer Japan, and UBS Securities. He joined Medpeer Inc. in June 2018 and was responsible for M&A, alliances, fundraising, investor relations, human resources, and public relations as the Director of the Corporate Planning Department.
Joined Open8 Inc. in September 2019.

Hisatake Ishibashi
Executive Officer & CTO

Hisatake Ishibashi

After graduating University of Tokyo in 2010, he worked as a freelance engineer while in grad school and founded THE CLIP, a design production company in 2013. In 2016, he sold THE CLIP to OPEN8 and participated as CTO since then. As the Head of Technology, manages two teams based in Tokyo and Singapore, the key center of OPEN 8 CORE TECHNOLOGY.

Yuichi Kashima
Executive Officer & CPO

Yuichi Kashima

After graduating Yokohama National University in 2008, he engaged in advertising agency and media business. He joined GREE in 2013 and was responsible for promoting GREE PF third party products. He joined LINE in 2014 and was responsible for marketing for the LINE GAME business, contributing to business expansion and user growth. Joined OPEN8 in February 2018. He is responsible for the overall growth of our marketing service. In October 2018, he became the Strategic Advisor for Finatext Inc.

Yoriko Suzuki
Executive Officer

Yoriko Suzuki

Joined Hakuhodo Inc. in 2000. After working as a media planner, she worked on campaigns for major domestic airlines. Joined iStyle Inc. in 2011 and was engaged in the planning of marketing strategies, development of marketing schemes as Head of Sales and Marketing. She also promoted corporate branding as head of the PR office. In the spring of 2018, she was appointed as Executive Advisor for OPEN8 to support the company's marketing strategy.

Yu Harasawa
Executive Officer & VIDEO BRAIN Division Director

Yu Harasawa

In 2014, Yu started his career at CyberAgentm Inc. as a Search Engine Marketing Specialist. He soon earned the “Best Rookie of the Year” business award. Later, he became the youngest director upon being promoted to that position. Yu then joined OPEN8 in October 2018. Since then, he has been responsible for the overseeing the AI video editing cloud “VIDEO BRAIN”, our SaaS business.

Outside Director

Masayasu Morita

He holds a master's degree in Education at Harvard University and in Philosophy at Cambridge University. He became the Director of Alc Co., Ltd. in 2003 and was listed on JASDAQ in 2006. After that, he founded Human Media Co., Ltd. to this day. In addition, he participate in multiple organizations such as Director of companies in Japan and overseas, Directors of NPOs, and as a university professor. Currently, he is also engaged in the investment and development of venture businesses in education and other cultural fields. In the media, he is active in various fields such as author, anchor, critic and commentator.


Kei Sugawara

After graduating from the University of Bristol in England with a Master of Business Administration (MBA). he joined Andersen Consulting (current Accenture) in 1996 and joined Arthur D. Little (Japan) in 2000. He is one of the establishment members of iStyle Inc and in 2004 assumed the position of full-time Director. He is currently serving as Director and CFO of the Company, Director of Global Business Division, and Representative Partner, Director of ISGS Investment Works.


Company Name
Open8 Inc.
Founding Date
10th April, 2015
President & CEO
Yuko Takamatsu
Business Description
Marketing & Media services for smart devices,and SaaS service
Number of Employees
65 (as of March 2019)